Hugh Neutron
First Appearance: Ode to Hugh

Hubert Woodrow "Hugh" Neutron is a character from the Jimmy Neutron series. He is the father of Jimmy Neutron and the husband of Judy Neutron. He first appears in Ode to Hugh.


Hugh is a tall man who usually wears glasses and a blue sweater vest with a red tie. He also has an unusually shaped nose. Hugh's personality seems to be on the quirky side of things, and he is the sort of person who prefers to do things his way. He loves ducks and pies. Hugh seems dimwitted, but he is actually very smart, and Jimmy has inherited this.


In Ode to HughEdit

Hugh Neutron Dead

Hugh Neutron memorial, seen in Ode to Hugh

This is the first video Hugh appears in. However, this is not a traditional video, but a tribute honoring the death of Hugh Neutron.

In Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy HourEdit

In Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour, Hugh serves as the antagonist. In this video, he kills Judy and forces Jimmy to "bond with him". However, he is decapitated by an aggressive pizza at the end.

In Hugh RotationEdit

In Hugh Rotation, Hugh travels space and passes by many planets, stars, and moons. It is unknown how Hugh got to space.

Hugh traveling space in Hugh Rotation

In The TalkEdit


Hugh as he appears in The Talk

In The Talk, Hugh educates Jimmy about the many dangers of rockets, informing him that they are flying things and are only suitable for big people.

In Fallen: Deceased Jimmy Neutron CharactersEdit

This video is similar to Ode to Hugh, except it is a tribute to all the characters who died in Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Hugh is honored again at the end of the video.

In A Neutron Family ChristmasEdit


Hugh as he appears in A Neutron Family Christmas

A Neutron Family Christmas takes place after the deaths of Jimmy and Judy Neutron, and features Hugh as a lonely, depressed sociopath. He is depressed to the point of insanity, as he shoots Ebenezer Wheezer, and presumably eats him afterward. It is unknown if he got arrested or killed at the end or if he murdered the police.

In CreationEdit

Hugh makes two appearances in Creation, floating in space, and at the end, where he ascends into the heavens with Seinfeldspitstain.


  • Hugh has the most appearances out of all the Seinfeldspitstain characters.